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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exederm for Childhood Eczema

Sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, can be a real misery for sufferers. Eczema, and other skin conditions can be especially hard on children. As an adult with very sensitive skin, I know how hard it can be to find bathing products and other toiletries that will not cause inflammation and itchiness. It must be extremely hard for a young child to understand why they feel so bad, even though eczema is no threat to their life.

When I was looking around for sensitive skin products for myself, I came across the Exederm site. It features an extensive range of products for eczema sufferers, and indeed, anyone with sensitive skin. The main problem I face, is that most common skin care and bathing products contain irritants such as colors, perfumes, lanolin and parabens. Therefore, I was very pleased to come across Exederm's Childhood Eczema page.

I've always used baby skincare products for myself, assuming they were all free from irritants. But I've noticed, more and more, that children's toiletries contain a lot of nasty substances, especially the ones that are highly fragranced or contain sparkly particles.

I'm especially impressed by Exederm's three step system. They recommend it for treating childhood eczema, so I'm sure it would work for me, too. The first step involves repairing damaged skin with the only hydrocortisone cream available on the American market, that is 100% free of parabens. The next step involves applying their non-greasy, intense moisturiser, which is manufactured to a highly sensitive formula. The final step involves avoiding any substance that triggers irritation. Exederm's cleansing wash is free of all the irritants normally found in body washes and shower gels. Fragrance and color-free, it contains no nasties such as Quaternium 15, methylparabens, butylparabens or lanolin.

Even naturally-derived fragrances can prove an irritant, so it's a relief to come across Exederm's extra-gentle skincare creams and toiletries. Another good thing about their site, is that they have a chart comparing some of the more popular bathing products, allowing you to see what's in them. It's shocking to see how many of them are utterly laden with chemical irritants. Exederm also give offer lots of very good help and advice for eczema sufferers.

Another good thing about Exederm, is that the products are not expensive. And until August 31st, any readers of this blog who order products from Exederm, will get a $5 discount, by entering the discount code "SPARK1" into the online order form.


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