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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog tired!

I'm totally and utterly worn out. Dog walking, and carrying him up and down the 50 billion steps to and from my flat, is seriously hard work. Are three walks a day enough? Please say yes! He wasn't too bad last night, considering it was his first night. No barking or howling, but he did pee over the TV stand at around 4 AM. At long last, his incessant scratching seems to be easing. He's on half a steroid pill every other day, but I suspect he may need more than that. Within hours of me giving him a dose today, it eased off.

Is it OK to burn incense when there's a dog around? I'm finding it really hard getting used to doggy odour. It doesn't seem to bother the cats.

All in all, though, despite piddling, pooping and ponging, he's a lovely little chap. I tied him up outside the local bakery this morning, and he immediately began to bark his head off. This evening, I tied him up outside the corner shop, whilst I went inside for a bottle of pop, and he never made a sound. He obviously remembered, from the morning walk, that I'd only be a minute or two.

I'm glad to say our walking routes take us past at least three dog poop bins. I hate carrying full poop bags around. Yuck. Judging by the amount of dog mess I see lying around, I think I'm the only local dog owner who bothers. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to clean up after your dog? If an arthritic relic like myself can do it, I'm sure healthy folk can.

Anyway, enough doggy talk. How's life with you?


Anonymous said...

Forget the slimming pills - exercise will do it.
The dogs never minded incense, it's what gets on your hands that might bother - if you are feeding a biscuit, for example.

Dragonstar said...

Dog-walking (or staggering!) is good for you, honest!Three gentle walks a day is ample for an elderly dog of his kind.
Poop-collecting, ah yes. Only one person in this neighbourhood ever bothered, and that was me. I still have bags in my pocket! Bins? Such luxury! Nothing like that round here!
Incense - try a bit to start with. If he seems OK with that, try a bit more next time. If it bothers him try another flavour. You have to play it by ear, I'm afraid, and see what you can both agree on. Maybe you could use an essential oil burner instead of the smokey stuff. All you can do is try it and see.
I probably don't need to say this to a long-time cat owner, but don't forget the magical odour-absorbing powers of bicarbonate of soda.
Alfie's a lucky wee dog!

Liz said...

There's no such thing as enough dog talk!

Incense, smelly candles, even artificial air fresheners when it gets really bad. There's a Dettol disinfectant spray that is really good and easy to use too.