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Monday, August 11, 2008

Anyone for Bingo?

I've just seen the sorry state of my bank account after paying for my new laptop. Anyone know of any get rich quick schemes? I'm not much of a gambler, but I'm tempted to give online bingo a try. The trouble is, there are so many places offering online bingo nowadays, that it's a job to know which ones are the best. After checking out one or two sites, I got quite befuddled by all the different criteria I read. Then I discovered a site called BingoPort.

UK-based, BingoPort offers very comprehensive reviews of all the major UK online bingo websites, such as Gala Bingo. The reviews list key information, including the minimum deposit required, and full contact information for each company, amongst a large list of data on each bingo portal. You can even play free bingo, at BingoPort. You won't win cash in the free bingo games, but you could win free game cards to use at other bingo sites offering cash, or Amazon vouchers. The free bingo site is also a little bit like a social network, with free forums and chat. So if you feel like a flutter, or just want to make new online friends, pop along to I've found it to be a very friendly, easy-to-navigate site.

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