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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

St. Fagan's yet again!

I hope no-one's fed up of reading about St. Fagan's. Here are a few more of the images I shot. This first one shows an old-style shop, Gwalia Stores. I can remember old shops like this from when I was very young, just before the world got overrun by huge supermarkets. Such shops would sell everything from ham to hammers. You could pop in for a box of teabags and a pack of ginger nuts, and buy a cake tin or a hacksaw at the same time. You would also be updated on all the local gossip. The supermarkets just don't have the same character.

Here's an old post office, complete with an old-style red telephone kiosk. There aren't many of these old kiosks around these days, and small, local post offices are going pretty much the same way, sadly.

The next couple of shots were taken inside an old-fashioned flour mill. I've no idea what the implements on the wall were for. They look like some sort of utensils.

This machine, despite obviously being very old, was happily working away, separating wheat from chaff, and grinding it into meal. If you enlarge the pic and look at the floor below the machine, you'll see a few wheat grains making their bid for freedom.

Apart from the PhotoHunt pic, I'll be making one more post containing St. Fagan's images. They'll show the interior of the recently restored medieval church, Llandeilo Talybont, which was rescued from the marshes near Pontarddulais. I haven't edited them yet, so those pics will be up sometime over the weekend.

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