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Friday, July 18, 2008

Open Cisco Certification

A few years ago, I enrolled on an IT course at a local college. Sadly, I was unable to complete the course, as it was about the time my health problems kicked in. The course had two parts. The first part of the course, if passed, would lead to Cisco certification, and if the second part was also passed, the student would gain an MSc on top of their Cisco qualification. I truly regretted not being able to complete that course. But despite not completing it, the Cisco CCNA part of the course taught me so much about switching and routing. Although I initially found the basics of networking hard to grasp, especially the assignment of IP addresses, Cisco's training website covered the essentials in nice, easy to assimilate units, complete with diagrams. Without that basic training, I would have been utterly unable to set up a network. As it is, I've set up a few home networks, wired and wireless, as well as setting up a small office network for a friend.

The Cisco Learning Network is an essential resource for anyone studying towards, or considering enrolling on, a Cisco course. Cisco certification is recognized worldwide, and Cisco qualifications are highly valued in the IT industry. The website also has an excellent Careers section. Whether you're already studying for Cisco certification, or are perhaps considering taking this route, the inspirational Careers section is definitely worth checking out. It details how it is possible for Cisco certification to completely - and positively - change your career path. The site tells of how a Ugandan cleaning lady switched careers and became an IT administrator after gaining her Cisco qualification. After reading this, I'm seriously considering re-enrolling with Cisco. Several local colleges offer CCNA courses, on a part time basis, which would be perfect for me, given my health problems.

The few months I spent on a Cisco course a few years ago, expanded my IT skills considerably. At the time, I was somewhat nervous around computers. But the new skills I gained from the Cisco course gave me considerable confidence. Not only do I know how to set up a network, but I also know how to secure it. Although I don't currently work in IT, when my health improves, I fully intend moving into that field. I believe Cisco certification will advance my career prospects enormously. At the moment, I'm the unofficial IT support officer for family and friends, thanks to knowledge gained via Cisco. I know that when I gain Cisco certification, I will have no problems gaining employment. The IT industry is growing day by day, and much of it is powered not only by Cisco hardware, but by Cisco-certified engineers and technicians. Cisco certification is a must-have in this ever-expanding, highly competitive industry. I know I gained enormously from just a few months of Cisco training. If you're considering a career in IT, click the link above, and check out the options available to you. I'm sure you won't regret it.

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Stephen Noyle said...


Good luck with the course if you do go back to one of the courses. and I'm afraid I have a new blog address again because I made a mistake and deleted all my Google and Gmail elated things so I have a new blog address what you be able to find food this comment. And I thought I should let you know that the link in your sidebar is not up-to-date because the foolish me keeps changing my blog address sorry about that.

Cisco Training said...

I think you should go back and complete your course..getting a certification would really help you taking your networking career ahead.

Squirly Black said...

If you do plan on going for a career in networking, than yes, the courses you started are great, would be better if you would finish them because I don’t think the extra money that these certifications would bring could upset you. Cisco also offers certifications above CCNA (professional and expert) if you intend to go for high positions in a company.