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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Constipated kitty

My poor old cat, Liberty, has constipation. Apparently, it's something that affects old cats quite a lot. Plus she has kidney disease, so she sometimes gets a little dehydrated. Luckily, there's a simple fix - I'm having to mix a little bit of oil in with her food.

Unfortunately, Leo, aka Pitbull Cat, has become quite jealous of the extra attention she's getting, so he's taken to throwing things off shelves again.

Oh well, it's better than having him biting and clawing me, I guess. Anyone else have problem pets?


Dragonstar said...

Poor Liberty, she has my sympathies. Love that photo of Leo giving you the evil eye.

Daisy said...

When I get mad I just bite. Hard!

Sometimes canned pumpkin (plain, not the pumpkin pie mix) will help constipation too. Some cats like it, some don't.

Liz said...

Pet problems? Have you read my blog?!

Poor Liberty.

And I can see the pitbull in those manic eyes! Watch out for falling objects.

Tim said...

Got 5 cats myself, two of which just as potty as yours ! Try MINISCULE -like eye dropper amounts- on the normal food of either cod liver oil or a mild, not too smelly olive oil, otherwise the cat will smell it and walk away with a vertical tail, perhaps forming the famous question mark...
Another option is to try some small, oily fish, such as sprats, straight from a fishmonger or the Market in Swansea. If your cats have never seen fresh fish you could have an initial problem,but it shouldn't last long..
This might save you a safari to the PDSA..


Tiffany Aller said...

YES! We are definitely having pet problems in my house. My female cat has randomly decided that she no longer wants to pee in her litter box. She'd rather create a lake o'pee in front of the back door. What the heck? NOTHING has changed...we clean out the cat box with the same regularity and it hasn't moved and she's not sick. Highly annoying. The pet store recommended trying a new litter, so that's our plan for now...this morning was the first time in weeks I haven't had a puddle to clean up.