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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Llandeilo Talybont Church - 2

As promised, here are the rest of my images of , at the in St. Fagan's. I mentioned in part one of my feature about the church, that the interior walls have been decorated in pre-Reformation style. Note the simplicity of the images. This reflects the fact that medieval church interiors were usually decorated, pre-Reformation, by local parishioners, rather than commissioned artists. Although nowhere near as grandiose as the works of Michelangelo, I suspect a great deal of love and dedication went into such simple artwork.

Note also, the simplicity of the altar itself. Churches in those days served as both spiritual centres and a place for the locals to gather - a kind of medieval community centre.

Here's a slightly closer look at the artwork in the above image. With sunlight streaming in through the window, and bouncing off the pristine, white walls, the artwork proved quite difficult to capture.

This next one is my favourite shot of the day. I wish the floor had been covered in something other than modern mats. As it was a rainy day, I guess they were placed there to prevent accidents, in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Apart from the mats, looking out through this door really was like peeking into a long bygone era. I hope to return to sometime soon, but not yet. I'm waiting for the school summer holidays to end, early in September, as the place will probably be overrun. I hope you enjoyed my shots of the , as it's always been known by the people of the and areas.


Anonymous said...

Do you know when they moved the church? I have the idea that it was still on site in 1990 and that one service a year was held there.

Dragonstar said...

More lovely shots. Yes, that last one is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't awake - Meri prodded me and I have found your links.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful building - can't believe I didn't even spot i on my las few visits to St. Fagan's.