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Thursday, July 31, 2008

C'elle - Women Power

I've recently been reading up on stem cell therapy, and I've made some amazing discoveries. Current clinical applications mainly involve umbilical and placental stem cells. Treatments have been beneficial to patients suffering a wide range of diseases, for example Alzheimer's, autism, MS, diabetes, arthritis, systemic lupus and heart disease. I've highlighted these particular diseases for a reason. I suffer from arthritis myself, and members of my family, and some of my friends, have suffered/are suffering from the other conditions.

I believe stem cell therapy may have greatly benefited my late father. He died of coronary heart disease at the age of just 41. That's way too young for anyone to die. Although his diet, weight and tobacco-smoking probably played a part in his death, his own father died at just 40 from the same condition. My grandfather was a non-smoker of normal weight. Several successive generations on my father's side of the family have been affected by hereditary heart disease, mainly the men. It's a great shame my father passed away two or three decades before stem cell therapy was discovered. I truly believe this innovative therapy could have helped save his life.

I know some people consider stem cell therapy controversial. But what if I told you that recent clinical research has discovered menstrual blood to be a potential source of the type of stem cells currently used in clinical therapies? C'elle menstrual stem cells are not yet used for clinical purposes. But researchers have been excited to discover that menstrual stem cells have very similar properties to stem cells currently used successfully to treat a wide range of diseases, including the ones listed above. Potentially, menstrual stem cell therapy could bring hope to millions of people around the world, who are affected by a whole host of diseases. Menstrual stem cells could be harvested and stored for many years, and could potentially be used to treat diseases in the donor and maybe even close family members. To find out more about the ailments currently eased by stem cell therapies, read up About the Science.

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Treatments have been beneficial to patients suffering a wide range of diseases.