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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Siani seeks revenge!

I'm so annoyed at the moment. My email inbox is being swamped with virus messages, simply because one person I know refuses to install any security software on his PC. There's no point in asking to remove my email address from his address book, as the wretched virus already knows my address. Antivirus software needn't cost the earth, and along with personal firewall software, is often available free, or at a very low price.

Luckily, I have very good security on my PC, otherwise I'd probably be battling a virus by now. Both my firewall and antivirus have integrated spyware scanners, plus I have stand-alone antispyware software. I really cannot understand why this fool refuses to secure his PC. Not only is his machine compromised, but he runs the risk of potentially infecting the machines of all his contacts, and their contacts, plus his contacts' contacts, and so forth. Mind you, this same person's wife once installed parental control software on her laptop, to stop him using it to surf dodgy sites.

Unsecured computers are a real bugbear of mine. There really is no excuse for it. Luckily, all I have is a nuisance, rather than a virus, as my security keeps catching it. At last count, I've had 42 infected emails in the last 12 hours. Oh what joy! I think I might get my revenge on this person by signing him up for a pile of junk mail :).


Anonymous said...

Borderline criminal - it's iniquitous.

Dragonstar said...

Now that sounds like a good idea! Fill his inbox with spam!