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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Cavalier King Charles

Thirteen reasons to own a Cavalier King Charles.

It's been ever such a long time since I participated in the Thursday Thirteen meme. Too long. But it's been quite hard to find the time. I've also had difficulty thinking of topics to write about. Today, I thought I'd write about Cavalier King Charles spaniels. I recently got over a longstanding phobia of dogs, and can now happily play fetch with humongous Rottweilers. But my favourite breed of dog is the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I hope to own one of these little dogs soon. So here are thirteen good reasons why I would like to own a Cavalier King Charles.

1... They look cute. Don't you agree? The coat colouring of this one is known as Blenheim.

2... They're very affectionate little dogs. In fact, they're known as 'the love-sponge of dogs'.

3... They're very gentle, and are generally very safe with children. Although I don't have kids, I know plenty of people that do, and would hate to own a dog I didn't trust around kids.

4... They get on with other pets, including cats. I have cats, so I can't risk introducing a dog into my home that might attack my cats.

5... I live in a flat, so I need quite a small dog. That said, I don't want a tiny little lapdog. I want one that I can take on long walks. Although the Cavalier King Charles is classed as a toy breed, it's probably the biggest of the toy breeds, and not much smaller than a cocker spaniel.

6... They're very easy dogs to train, because they're intelligent, and love to please their owners.

7... They're very sociable little dogs, so they make ideal pets.

8... They apparently have a lot of traits in common with cats, including a tendency to perch in high places, and chase butterflies. As a life-long cat lover, having one of these little dogs around the house won't be too much of a culture shock for me.

9... Because of their easy-going nature, they're considered one of the best dogs for first time owners - which is what I would be.

10... The Cavalier King Charles is considered to be equally suitable for able-bodied or disabled people alike. I have a mild disability, in the form of arthritis, so I really couldn't cope with a big, heavy dog that tried to drag me everywhere.

12. In addition to the Blenheim-coated dog above, there are three other Cavalier King Charles coat colourings. This one is a Ruby King Charles.

This little cutie is a Black and Tan.

Last, but not least, especially as it's my personal favorite of all the colourings, is the Tricolor. Awwww!

13... My final reason for wanting to own a Cavalier King Charles is - well, I simply do.

Now, all I need is about £500 - around $1000 - which is what I need to pay to get a puppy from a reputable dealer. Never, ever buy a Cavalier King Charles puppy without first asking the seller about the medical history of its parents and grandparents. Sadly, these lovely little dogs are prone to many genetic disorders, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Happy Thursday!

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Shannon H. said...

oh my goodness! They are totally adorable!

Monday through Sunday said...

Cute, Cute, and triple cute!! :)

the teach said...

Siani, I've never heard of the Cavalier King Charles but I think I've seen them. My Grandma used to have a cocker spaniel which I loved! The CKCs are very cute! :D

Janet said...

I love the tricolor best, too :-) CKCs are great dogs, I've known one and he was just so sweet! Make sure you find a good, reputable breeder...or even a CKC rescue group, if your heart isn't set on a puppy. People give up dogs for many reasons and perfectly good dogs end up in rescue. No pet store pups, right?

WillThink4Wine said...

They are incredible little creatures! In any color!

BTW, your comment said you'd never heard of Colin Mochrie and Whose Line Is it Anyway because you're in the UK... the show started in the UK with Clive Anderson! :-)


We are in love with this breed too! I will one day have a little chap for myself, I am partial to the Blenheim coloring. Their little faces and big brown eyes invite such warmth and melt me like butter.

Dragonstar said...

Awwwwww! Siani, they're so sweet! An adorable dog like that is the best possible way to overcome a phobia.

Alice Audrey said...

They are so cute, especially that first one.

DrillerAA said...

I do like this breed. I have always owned cockers, so if these are anywhere nearly as affectionate as a cocker, you in for a beautiful relationship.
We don't have a dog right now, but I expect we will take the plunge again next year. I'm looking at either a chocolate cocker or a parti-cocker, although I would love to upsize to a springer spaniel.

Sue said...

What sweethearts they are!! I am happy to hear you have worked through your fear :) I know that is not an easy thing to do. Happy TT and thanks so much for stopping by!

Bubba said...

Adorable dogs! Great list..thanks for sharing. Happy TT!

Nicole Austin said...

Awww...they look very sweet. How adorable! I miss having a dog.

Anonymous said...

Good choice - but what about THE cat?

Lindsey said...

Those are all the right reasons why a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the right dog for you! If you'd like to learn more about these adorable dogs, please visit us at

Storm said...

Great TT list. I love Cavelier King Spaniels and awesomely cute photos.

Anonymous said...

I have just got my first dog last Sept. We got a black and tan cavalier king charles pedigree. We picked her up from a farm that breeds once a year, and it was so easy to toilet train her. she greets everybody and anybody. She is the most loved in our family :)
I'd advise anybody to get this breed of dog.