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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reader's Digest Laughs

Life wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs for me when I was a kid (cue violins playing a sad refrain). But one bright spot I used to look forward to, was the arrival of my mother's monthly copy of the Reader's Digest. When she first subscribed, I was only about nine. Although I had excellent reading skills for my age, the longer articles just didn't appeal to me. What I did enjoy were the humour pages. I remember there was a page of jokes, and another section called 'Life's Like That' - real-life funny stories. Also, at the end of almost every long article, there would be a short joke or witticism. So I couldn't wait to get my hands on the monthly Reader's Digest.

Alas, there was no Internet in those days (how did we cope?). However, much to my delight, I recently discovered that the Reader's Digest now has a website, with a humour section located at RD Laughs Main. What I like about the RD Laughs site is that it's good, clean humour - something you'd be happy for your kids or your granny to view.

So what can you find over at RD Laughs? Well, there are Funny Cartoons, jokes, as well funny photos and videos. You might also like to check out the Stand-up Videos. By the way, you can also submit your own funny photos, videos and jokes. In fact, if you submit a joke of your own - you could win $100. Not bad, eh?

You can also subscribe to the Jokes RSS feed, so you receive new jokes as they're posted. Or you can subscribe to the weekly Laughs newsletter - the choice is yours. I'm glad I've found this site - I'm sick of looking around for humour sites, only to find obscene and offensive material. The RD Laughs site is 100% clean - yay! Anyway, if you're curious to see a sample of what's on offer at RD Laughs, click here to see one of my favourite funny cartoons.

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Green Me said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing this! I used to end up on the floor rolling in laughter following the arrival of the Readers Digest. I occasionally read the articles, but it was always the jokes, quotes, "this American life" or something like that got my goat every time!

Shannon H. said...

I was the same way! I loved it when Mom received her copy of RD. I still read it today online and in hard copy.