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Monday, June 02, 2008

Manic Monday

It's time for yet another Manic Monday, hosted by Lisa. This week's questions are very deep, and have forced me to consider some very serious issues.

You have accomplished a difficult task and hear someone else taking the credit. How do you deal with the situation?

I certainly wouldn't stand silently by and let them get away with it. I think I would march right up to them and whoever they were talking to, and expose their lies. I HATE people who try to claim someone else's success as their own. It's a dirty, devious thing to do.

If you had to marry someone that you presently know unromantically, and spend the rest of your life as their spouse, who would you choose?

Oh heck - no-one. Seriously, I couldn't contemplate spending the rest of my life with anyone. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but I like my own space and company too much to spend a lifetime with someone.

If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are living now?

Yes. I'd arrange new homes for my cats, try to see as many old friends as possible, and make sure all my legal papers, etc, were in order, and that I had a properly drafted will, etc. Oh - and I'd stop worrying about how much chocolate I was eating!

Anyway, that's my Manic Monday for this week. Happy Monday!


Gabriel said...

Siani, good answers. I fully agree with you in your #1, and certainly can relate to what you said for #2.

Great job today. Thanks for dropping by, have a great week!

~Amanda~ said...

Great answers! happy Monday!

Janet said...

Interesting answers, especially to #2.

Shannon H. said...

I would not stand by and be silent either. You would think that the person taking the credit would feel bad but that is not always the case. Shame on them for trying to be the best under false pretenses!

Diana_CT said...

LOL at answer #3 - I would be eating chocolate by the pound and lobsters everyday.

~LEA~ said...

Love your answers...and can relate to your #2. Your #3 was great! It reminded me of some "to do" things.

Love your blog design...
Have a fabulous week!

Laane said...

Great answers.
You mentioned some things in 3 I hadn't thought of.

Want to read my answers?
They're ::here::

Enjoy your day!

Redness said...

Enjoyed your answers, love the kitty kats too ;)

Surfergirl said...

i strongly agree with your answers to question 1. very well explained. i also dislike people who steal ideas/credit!have a great week!