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Monday, June 02, 2008

Extraterrestrial hippies!

Remember the 'aliens' who kept me awake the other night? Well, I finally caught sight of them, about an hour after I posted. It turns out the strange flying machine wasn't a flying machine at all. It was some dilapidated old ambulance, being driven by a dreadlocked crusty type. He seemed to be having difficulty trying to find somewhere to park it, due to lack of space and a permit holders only parking policy in place. What I took to be the noise of an aircraft of some kind, was really one very messed-up engine. Unless aliens have taken to disguising themselves as hippies, and their space ships as dilapidated old ambulances, hand-painted with what looked suspiciously like blue household gloss paint - we can all rest easy in our beds. Mind you, it might have been aliens after all. I mean - who the heck hand-paints their ambulance with gloss paint?

1 comment:

Dragonstar said...

Aliens or not, I'm glad you're still there.