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Thursday, May 15, 2008

(SP) Clothes from the movies!

Are you a fashion-conscious movie fan? Have you often seen your favorite star wearing a slinky dress or cool pair of shades, and wondered where you can find the very same item? Well, there's good news. Pop along to I Saw It, and there's a very good chance you will be able to locate and purchase that very item.

Clothes from the movies are often very hard to locate. Finding just one exclusive item can involve many hours of online research - and even then, you're still not guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for. I Saw It has handy drop-down menus, that allows you to search by actor, actress or movie, for your favorite clothing or accessory. You can also post information about where to find certain items, or request help in locating a particular item. You can even share your videos and photographs of the items you have purchased, with other users. The site also features competitions, and up-to-the minute movie news. So what are you waiting for? Pop along to I Saw today!

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