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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sponsored posts redux

I've just signed up with a couple of websites, to do some more sponsored posting. I remember receiving some negative comments from people the last time I did this - although the vast majority of my visitors were supportive. If anyone has anything negative to say this time - try walking a mile in my shoes before you criticize. My laptop, which is less than two years old, has suffered a major hardware failure, so I can't get online with it. My desktop PC is eight years old and needs replacing, because it takes forever just to complete the simplest of tasks on the old clunker. I need to make some extra cash quickly, to buy a new PC. No-one is going to buy it for me, I don't have a rich hubby, and I can't work full-time due to ill health. So sponsored posts it is, if my blog is approved. I know my regular blog friends will have no objections to any sponsored posts. If any casual/occasional visitors have an issue with it - well, I'm sorry, but that's the way it goes.

Anyway, please wish me luck in getting approved. I have half the money saved for a new PC. I just need to somehow find the rest. I thought about putting a Paypal 'donate' button on here, but I don't really feel comfortable about setting out a virtual begging bowl. However, if any of you win the lottery soon, I'll be happy to let you know my Paypal details ;).

Be happy!


Anonymous said...

Have you considered selling Gower pics to card/calendar producers ? I know that sounds easy if not glibe but you could get lucky.
We have two Dell 3100., a Dell 5150 in the family and Stephen is using an IQon purchased from Tesco and I got Kyrsti an IQon laptop also from Tesco. I'll be paying for years. Incidentally you may want to decide about Vista - it's not popular. S' IQon has been converted to XP.

Dragonstar said...

If I ever won the lottery you'd be welcome to some! It hasn't happened yet though. Boo-hoo!