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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

RIP Lucretia. Long live Godzilla...

Oh well, I guess it's only a laptop. At least none of my vital parts malfunctioned on Sunday. I just wish I'd got that stupid broken connector fixed before it killed the motherboard. I don't know for certain that's what's happened, but by a process of deduction, I suspect part of Lucretia's motherboard got fried.

At the moment, I'm struggling on with Godzilla, my ancient, cranky desktop. Fair play to Godzilla. Considering he's at least eight years old, he isn't doing too badly. I replaced a few of his parts a couple of years ago, which gave him a new lease of life. I don't suppose he's doing too badly, considering he only has 256 MB of RAM and a piddly AMD Duron 750 processor. As long as I stick with web browsing, email and word processing, I'm sure Godzilla will cope for the next few weeks. At least, at the moment, I'm not entirely without a computer. It just means I have to be patient with the old clunker.

I won't be replacing the laptop. I don't know how to fix a laptop when it breaks. I'm perfectly happy fixing and upgrading desktops, so I'm getting a new desktop. I have my eye on a Dell for around £330 - which means I have a lot of saving to do over the next few months. I think I may have to start doing sponsored posts again - ugh.


liza said...

poor lucretia! hehe. laptops are expensive, i've been dreaming of one too.

i missed visiting here... how are you siani? i hope all is well at your end.

take care :)

Dragonstar said...

Poor Siani! I think laptops are gorgeous, like jewels, but I'm happier with a proper keyboard. I love the idea of a totally portable computer though ....