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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Swansea Marina and the river

I didn't do PhotoHunt this week, as I have no relevant images. I'm not a party animal, and will do anything and everything to get out of going to one. But I should be rejoining the Hunt next week.

In the meantime, here are some pics I took on a recent late afternoon/early evening walk along the seafront, past the Marina and down to the river. The first things to catch my eye, were the pretty flower displays outside some of the seafront apartments. It's hard to believe these summery-looking shots were taken on an icy February day. In fact, it was so cold, the icy salt air made my eyes water.

I must have walked past this rather peculiar sculpture many times in the few years it's been there. But I'd never really paid it much attention, until this day. I must have been wearing my photographer's hat! Odd looking structure, isn't it? I think it's meant to depict some kind of lighthouse, or lightship tower.

I used the zoom lens for a closer look at the top of it, and noticed a little bell set in a recess.

From here, I cut through a residential section of the Marina, down past the boat repair yard, to the quayside along the River Tawe (pronounced Ta-weh). I sat for a while, enjoying the view across the river to an area known as SA1. It used to house a collection of dockland warehouses, etc. It's now being turned into an upmarket area of mixed residential, business and leisure use. There's still a lot of construction work happening there at the moment, but it's taking shape quite nicely.

I was lucky enough to get there as the sun was starting to set. These images don't really capture just how gorgeous the light was. It was worth braving the cold for that reason alone.

I spotted a couple of white ducks or geese resting on an artificial island amongst the moored boats. They were a bit too far off for me to identify, and even after zooming in, I'm not quite sure. I think they're ducks.

The sail bridge was built about four or five years ago, and I've never really cared for its architecture, although it's a welcome aid in getting across the river. On this particular day, it had a special allure for me, due to the gorgeous evening light. Again, I don't think I've managed to do the scene justice.

As I looked along the bridge, I was struck by the golden light bouncing off the safety railings. It looked far more impressive in real life.

I think this unusual sign post must be fairly new. I don't remember seeing it the last time I was here, a few months ago.

As I headed along the river towards the boat yard, I spotted a number of mallard and swans on the water, near the slipway.

As I walked along, the swans swam alongside the quayside, their necks craning upwards from time to time. I think people must feed them at that spot, because they were very interested to see what I was holding. Alas, no bread.

After leaving the Marina, I headed back towards the city centre, passing this old building on Somerset Place along the way. Note the new buildings in the distance, which have clearly been designed to try to fit in with the older architecture.

From here, it was a an uneventful ten minute walk to the bus stop, to get my bus home. What a thrilling life I lead. Oh well, it could be a lot worse.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the party thing.
Have you seen the old postcard on my Wales site - the Library building at the turn of the century. Your pic and it would be a good continuity take.
Belated David's Day greetings.

Dragonstar said...

I loved following you on that walk Siani. That evening light looks gorgeous. Nice to see the way the marina had grown. I was last there well over ten years ago, and I was amazed then at the changes. The light on that bridge is quite something - those supports would make a great entry for Odd Shots on Monday!

LadyBanana said...

Lovely set of pictures.. In fact I also really enjoy getting out and taking some photos.. Far more than partying that's for sure!

Daisy said...

It sure is beautiful where you live. And I am so happy to see daisies, they are my favorite flower!

A Simple Life said...

Hi Siani! I love the flowers ;)

Thanks for dropping by and your concern. We're alright ;)

Take care.