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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quake? What quake?

There was an earthquake in the UK just before 1 AM this morning. When I read about it on a news site, several people who live in neighbouring towns said they heard and felt it. According to my location, I should have felt it, too. I was wide awake at 1 AM. I didn't notice the earth shake at all! I only noticed two things out of the ordinary at the time of the quake. My cat, Liberty, who was asleep on the sofa next to me, gave a sudden start, and grabbed the arm of the sofa, as if to stop herself falling, then immediately settled down again. Also, a little dog across the road went nuts, barking his head off.

BTW, I've just seen something a bit unusual. I live under the flight path for a number of airports. Luckily, they're all a long way off, so the planes are high up when they fly over. I've just seen an airliner approach from the south, which they don't normally do, and perform a wide, semicircular turn, banking hard to the west. I've never seen that before, and I see planes fly over every day. I hope it's not in trouble.


Hyde DP said...

We had strong winds in the afternoon which blew over one of the wheelie bins, so in the early hours I recall thinking that I'd heard a wheelie bin blow over again and put the noise down to the wind - it was around that time but I was hardly awake.

We're under the incoming path for Manchester Airport but do sometimes see planes flying in unusual directions.

Neva said...

I wondered if anyone I blog with felt it happened in the middle of the night, I didn't think so.
Interesting about the cat and dog's reaction.

Dirty Knees said...

Twenty years ago or so, an earthquale occurred in Ontario and I thought it was just the train going by until I heard about the quake on TV. LOL

LadyBanana said...

Here in London I felt nothing, was asleep anyway... My daughter in Leicester was woken by it though, gave her a bit of a scare!

jams o donnell said...

All the cat were downstairs. I was asleep. Shirl didn't notice a thing. Ah well!