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Monday, January 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Time for Manic Monday again, hosted by Lisa. I have no idea how she manages to come up with such interesting and varied questions, week after week. But I'm glad she does!

Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture? Have you ever wished you were the opposite sex?

I think men definitely have it easier in our culture, in so many ways. Take this recent experience of mine as an example. I went into a local pub, the Potter's Wheel, one morning recently. Not that I'm an early morning drinker. They happen to serve nice, cheap, cooked breakfasts, and a decent large cappuccino for just £1.10 - about $2.20. I sat myself down, and awaited the arrival of my steaming mug of cappuccino and some scrambled eggs on toast. The next thing I here is a voice saying 'alright babes?'. Some hairy-faced hobbit, already clutching a pint of beer at 10.30 AM (and I suspect it wasn't his first), stood leering at me, and started to slide into the seat opposite me. Bear in mind that this pub has a large dining area which was virtually empty. I gave him a foul glare and promptly moved to another seat. Would he have harrassed a man like that? I doubt it!

Have I ever wished I was the opposite sex? I used to when I was a child. I became aware, at an early age, that boys and girls were treated differently. Whereas I always wanted toys like chemistry sets, microscopes and train sets, all I ever got were Sindy dolls and other silly girlie stuff. As soon as I was old enough to realise that I didn't have to conform to stereotypes and chauvinism - at about the age of 11 - I was happy to be a girl.

What books from your childhood would you like to share with your children?

I don't have any children, and don't intend having any. As a child, I enjoyed the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton, as well as her Land of the Faraway Tree stories. But if I had kids, I'm not sure I would encourage them to read Enid Blyton, because although I still have a nostalgic fondness for her works, they're littered with negative race, class and gender stereotypes.

What is one talent or skill you don't possess but always wanted?

The ability to fly, or at least levitate a few meters above the ground, to give people a bit of a shock! Yes, I know, I'm weird!


Michelle Johnson said...

Why can't men just take a hint when you glare at them? But, I guess nothing would register with a man who's drunk that early in the morning.

Flying would be so freeing if one could do it. Look how serene birds are in the sky, how free.

I enjoyed reading your answers. Happy MM! Have a nice day tomorrow.

Tiffany Aller said...

Oooh. I love it! Levitation would be quite the cool trick, if to do nothing more than shut people up sometimes! Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Just testing my new open ID

Mike said...

I went to have a breakfast in a Wetherspoons pub in Cardiff a few months back and that was full of drunks first thing in the morning.

What's this open ID thing?

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

levitation - I love the idea

OneLuvGurl said...

We said the same skill! :) Happy MM!

Fleur de Lisa said...

That man in the pub sounds like an absolute troll. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with him.

Thank you so much for playing MM and have a fantastic week.