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Friday, January 25, 2008

Fuss and frustration

I have had an extremely frustrating day today. It's been one delay after another. After much fussing and faffing around, I've managed to grab myself a few domains. I purchased two this afternoon, and I've just bought another. Luckily, they were domain names, which are very cheap. I won't buy .com domains, because you cannot opt out of the WHOIS register if you have a .com address. Luckily holders of domains can. Otherwise, if I had .com domains, my home address would be available to anyone who cared to look it up.

The domains aren't fully set up yet. I think this blog may be shifting after all, but not for a while. I'll give plenty of notice beforehand, plus I think Blogger will automatically forward anyone who uses the old address, anyway. I couldn't get the domain name I wanted for my paranormal blog, Strange Days, so I've settled for a compromise. Both and were taken. So, as soon as it's fully set up, and I can hopefully get that blog pointing to the new domain, Strange Days will be on soon. But not yet! There's nothing there now.

My final frustration of the day happened when I nipped into town for a few groceries. The bus I was due to catch home conked out, and started leaking oil all over the bus station forecourt. The company didn't send a replacement. So it was another half an hour before another bus arrived. Then that one developed a problem as well, and there was another long delay whilst the problem was traced to a low water level, and rectified. Grr! So I'm now behind with all my online activities, and I've yet to eat a meal today - and it's approaching 8.30 PM here in the UK. Oh well, time to go set the kitchen ablaze, I guess. Back later to visit everyone...

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