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Friday, January 25, 2008

Answers to Thursday Thirteen poser

The answer is:

6.... A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

Although the website I got this from claimed this as a true fact, it's in fact false. There is no such thing as a pregnant goldfish. The common goldfish lays eggs. It doesn't give birth to live young.

I've also since discovered, thanks to a comment left by Dragonheart and Merlin, that this one is only partially true:

11.... Crocodiles and alligators move very quickly on land. But only when moving in a straight line, as they lack the agility they have in water. So if one of them chases you - just zigzag like crazy as you run away. You should be able to shake them off.

As far as I was able to check, the rest are true.

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