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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Blue Meanie and the Snuggler

A couple of visitors to my PhotoHunt have enquired what cat breed my Leo (a.k.a the Blue Meanie) is. In all honesty - I really don't know. He was rescued from a rooftop when he was about three months old, by my friend's neighbour. He was seriously ill with cat flu at the time, and was taken to a local vet's surgery, from where I adopted him once he was well enough. As far as I know, he had been living in a colony of strays/ferals before he was rescued. He was always accompanied by a black and white female cat, who presumably was his mother. So I doubt very much if he's a pure-bred Russian Blue or Korat. I suspect he may have a pedigree father, and going by his personality, I'd say his dad was a Blue Burmese, although very many people, including two vets, have mistaken him for a pure-bred Russian Blue. But he just doesn't have the gentle, laid-back character of the Russians. He's too naughty, wilful and boisterous.

As for Liberty, also known as the Snuggler, although she often appears to be a black and white tuxedo cat in her pics, her darker fur is actually a very unusual, two-tone grey. Her undercoat is a silvery-grey, and the outer tips of her fur are a dark charcoal colour, which turns an intense navy blue when the sun catches it. As a result, her darker fur is a very unusual, dappled, two-tone grey colour.

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Bengbeng said...

whatever the breed the cats are lovely