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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anonymous comments no longer allowed

I've had to restrict comments on this blog to registered users only. I meant to do it weeks ago, but somehow forgot. This means only Blogger and OpenId users can now comment. I've had to reject a few comments from trolls lately. Trolls are always anonymous. To me, that's cowardly behaviour.

The latest comment rejected was from some racist fool who left me a long, insulting comment, because I wrote a post a few weeks ago, condemning the racist views of Professor James Watson. Apparently, I am some kind of closed-minded fool because I refuse to believe that black people are less intelligent than white. Yeah, right. A racist called me closed-minded. I find that hilarious. The authorities at the high-profile laboratory where James Watson worked must be closed-minded fools, too. They sacked him for his racist views.

As far as I'm concerned, bigotry stinks, no matter who it's perpetrated by, or who it's perpetrated against. Whether its racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other kind of ugly, blind prejudice, it is unwelcome on this blog. I will never allow my comments facility to be used by people wanting to promote such ugliness.

Furthermore, I want to keep this blog friendly and safe. I don't want visitors having to wade through nasty comments, in order to leave their own. I don't want confrontational situations on here. I like my visitors to come back and see me on a regular basis. Nasty comments are hardly conducive to encouraging return visits and online friendships.

Does anyone else get idiots and crazies trying to leave comments on their blogs?


LadyBanana said...

I've been lucky recently, not had any trouble with comments for a while, so much that I took off word verification.

If I get even 1 nasty though, it will be changed back immediately, like you I want to maintain a safe and friendly place.

Natalie said...

I haven't had nasty comments...yet. I figure it's just a matter of time. And I agree that it's totally cowardly to do it anonymously.

Gellianne said...

Hi, Siani. You are very right about nasty comments.Blogging shld really be about making friends.