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Saturday, November 03, 2007

My life in the war zone

My neighbourhood is under siege once more. Rockets and other missiles scream overhead, before exploding. Shells explode and shake the whole building. Screams echo around the streets as each missile hits its target. No, this isn't Bazra, Tora Bora or Gaza. It's a suburban street in the UK. But it's that godawful time of year again, when louts indiscriminately detonate huge fireworks, from around 5pm every evening, until the wee small hours. Currently, there's an explosion every 30-45 seconds.

When will the government finally get its act together and ban sales of fireworks to the general public? The wretched things are dangerous. They're filled with gunpowder, for pity's sake. I would be arrested if I walked down the street with a loaded gun. So why, despite it being illegal, are the police not stopping kids from firing off these missiles? My cats are terrified. Some fool of a neighbour has obviously gone out and left their little dog outside. The poor thing's whimpering in terror. No unlicensed person should be allowed to possess these lethal weapons, and it should be a criminal offence to do so. Ban the legalized bombs!

P.S. I love a good fireworks display. I just hate guerrilla displays, put on by louts, simply to cause nuisance and distress. If I had my way, I would strap giant rockets to their arses, and take great delight in sending them into orbit, on a one-way trip.


Dragonstar said...

I do so agree. Thunderstorms upset my lot, and "bangers" terrify them. We're lucky here in Ireland - no "Guy Fawkes Night". Instead we have the fireworks on Hallowe'en, and in this area it's mostly organised displays.

Siani said...

Lucky you! It sounds like bliss. The UK really does need to get tough on the firework flingers. They're already flying around here, and it's only 2.20 pm. I mean, what's the point of daylight fireworks? Grrrr!!!

jams o donnell said...

It was as if people wanted to bring back the spirit of the Blitz with lots of HE fireworks and mini V2 rockets. The sound was bloody deafening and the feline foursome (bar Mimi who is only scared of Nunzilla) were petrified.

LadyBanana said...

I quite agree, it's the same here in London.. Had the neighbours cat in here petrified all day.. not once have they gone out to find her..

They are probably out there setting off the bangers..

Cody said...

Big fireworks aren't legal for the average person here, but the little ones are annoying enough.

I will never understand what's interesting about setting off bottle-rocket after bottle-rocket for an hour straight.