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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My email's stuffed

Apologies to anyone trying to contact me via email. I can't access any of my NTL email accounts at the moment. I keep getting 'cannot connect to the server' type messages in my mail program. I can download my Google mail without any problems. NTL deny there's a problem, and have tried to make out my PC is at fault. So why do I still have POP3 access to Google email? Idiots. I wasn't prepared to argue with them any further - not when their tech support line charges a premium rate. So I'm hoping it will somehow fix itself.

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Virgin Media Support team said...

Hi Siani,

I am corresponding regarding the following post:

I work for the Broadband Team within Virgin Media and wish to help with your issues.

Please e-mail so that we may locate your account details and give you a call.
I can appreciate that you will not want to provide sensitive information via e-mail, therefore, simply e-mailing from you e-mail address will suffice, along with, for example, the first part of your postcode.

If you are unable to send e-mail whatsoever from your e-mail client, you will be able to do so from: .

In relation to your issue, the reason that you are able to use your gmail and not your ntlworld e-mail from your PC may be because gmail uses SSL, which ntlworld does not, and as such gmail uses different communication ports to send/receive e-mail.

Please respond, so that we may attempt to resolve this issue.


Virgin Media Broadband Support Team