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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Red Arrows

There was an air show on in Swansea over the weekend. I missed Saturday's events, as I headed for Gower. I caught some of Sunday's show from my living room window, including a spectacular display by the Red Arrows. I made a pathetic attempt to photograph them through a window that would only open crack. My zoom lens wasn't up to the job - and they were so fast. So the only pics I have are these sad offerings.

Things started to go awry when I got the low battery warning on my camera. Then, as I was standing on my windowsill, one of the planes came roaring towards me and swooped over my roof, gushing out blue smoke as it did so. In my panic to shut the window before I got engulfed in a blue cloud, I spiked my bare foot on a cactus.

But at least I had a go! To see some decent shots of the Red Arrows over Swansea Bay, go to Chris's blog.


Fleur de Lisa said...

How fascinating! I love air shows and the like. Wonderful photos, too!

Siani said...

Thanks for visiting, Lisa. I was like a big kid when I watched the Red Arrows, although terrified at the same time, as their dare-devil routine involves a lot of stunt-flying.

Mike said...

I'm more impressed with the view from your living room window. It's stunning!