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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nasty YouTube

Apologies for any confusion earlier regarding the video in my most recent Rhossili post. I uploaded the video, and as it always does, it popped up a little message saying "here is the code for you to embed your video on an external site". So I copied and pasted as I usually do. I've since discovered that it gave me the code for a previous video I uploaded, so instead of Rhossili, you got dunlins on Swansea beach again. I've rectified it now, so you can see my Rhossili video.


Anonymous said...

Because of the context, I assumed the video was Port Eynon and the first time I saw Turnstones was at Sedgers Bank. Leapt to conclusions.

Siani said...

I'm glad you did. When I read your comment, I thought you were initially referring to my post from a couple of weeks ago. Then I thought maybe I'd caught something on camera that you'd seen and I hadn't noticed. So I went back to view the video I'd posted, and discovered that YouTube had given me the code for a previous video, instead of for the Rhossili one.