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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Jellyfish and waders at Swansea Bay

One not so welcome sight during Thursday's evening stroll on the beach, was this big, dead jellyfish. We came across it as we helped my friend's little girl add to her shell collection.

Shortly afterwards, I spotted two small wading birds playing chicken with the waves. I had no idea what they were, and suspected they may be sandpipers. But after a little bit of research, I'm pretty sure they're dunlins. This pic, which is a big improvement on my own efforts, has helped me reach that conclusion.

I tried to get closer to them, because I know the limitations of the zoom function on my camera. But they became very skittish at finding themselves trapped between me and the incoming tide, so I backed off.

I also managed to capture some video footage of them, but it's a bit bumpy. Not only was I having to shoot it whilst walking along the beach after them, but I was also dodging the tide.

I'm fairly confident that the birds I saw were a pair of dunlin. But if anyone knows better, please let me know.

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