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Monday, September 03, 2007

A blog re-design?

I've been thinking of revamping this site for a while, now, and making it more visitor friendly. The first thing I have to revamp is its content. Things have become a little stale. Post length also needs reducing, that's for sure. I also need a wider reach, which means taking things beyond the local blogosphere.

There's also the look of it to consider. Try as I might, I can't get used to Blogger layouts, so I'm still using a classic template. My main issue is that I can't get any of my blog post customizations to show up. All the sidebar stuff works out fine. But every time I try to add customizations to my blog posts, I get told my code can't be parsed, whatever that means. I tried adding a couple of features yesterday, when I temporarily switched to layouts. I placed them exactly where I was advised, by the authors of the add-ons, but Blogger didn't like it one little bit. So I'm back with the classic template.

Is there any kind soul out there who can advise me where to place the code for my Numly barcode, as well as my Feedburner and Stumble It links? I would like to switch to Blogger layouts, to try to reduce some of the bloat that my cack-headed template adjustments have caused. But unless I can have Numly, Feedburner and Stumble It at the end of each post, I'm stuck with the bloat. Please help!

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