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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So, my resolve broke

I had planned on ignoring my cat, Leo, for at least a week after his latest biting incident. The last time he went through a vicious phase, I did exactly that, and he behaved for at least six months. But he arrived home this morning, soaking wet and squeaking pitifully. To make matter even worse, he kept rubbing against me and throwing himself on the floor, rolling around to show me his belly. So I ended up talking to him and stroking the psycho feline. He came and stood next to me for a while on the settee, trying to push himself in between me and the arm of the couch, so he could go to sleep. But I lost my nerve at having him so close, and moved away. So he's looking very sorry for himself again.

I've had a think about his peculiar and unpredictable behaviour. I know he's not in pain. When he had an injury three or four weeks ago, all he wanted to do was cuddle up and be affectionate. So the only cause I can think of for the biting, is some kind of transferred aggression. I think maybe he's getting into fights outside, which are putting him into a foul mood, so he's coming home and taking it out on anyone he finds indoors, human or feline. I've had to watch him like a hawk with my other cat. She's old and not in wonderful health, plus she's only half his size, yet the little git keeps jumping on her and pinning her down, before biting her as hard as he can. She does her best to fight back, but she doesn't have the strength, the poor little thing.

One of the veterinary nurses at the vet's surgery around the corner, is a qualified pet behaviourist, so I think I'll book an appointment with her, especially as it's free. Maybe he can be prescribed something to calm him down, although I'd rather not drug him. He was neutered at six months old, but for some reason, he's remained as aggressive as a full tom. He just doesn't chase the ladies - unless it's to pin them down and bite them. It may even be as simple as needing to switch his diet. I hope so, because when he's not psychotic, he's actually quite a nice cat, and ever so handsome.

I've even been advised by a PDSA vet, in the past, to have him euthanised, because of his aggressive streak. But to be honest, I just don't think I can do it. I guess it's just a case of being more vigilant, making him spend most of his time outdoors, and keeping a closed door between me and him, when he has one of his nasty phases.


jams o donnell said...

I hope the behaviourist can do something for him. He is one of the mose handsome cats I've ever seen. We have some problems with our second cat Ted but nothing of the scale of the Blue Meanie. His problem is that he wants to be the alpha cat and Robyn is not planning to step aside any time soon.

Siani said...

I hope something can be done for him too, Shaunie. He's back to being nice again now - but for how long? I think Leo's problem is that he wants to be alpha cat, but that's my job!