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Monday, July 16, 2007

Crazy email and psycho cat

I've just found a pile of emails, including ones from regular visitors to this blog, lurking in the Junk Mail folder. Windows Live Mail Desktop has gone psycho on me. It's even delivering mail from senders on my safe list, into the Junk Mail folder. So my apologies to anyone who has emailed me and not received a reply. Out of curiosity, I just emailed myself, and it failed to recognise my own email address, and yes, you've guessed it, it sent me to the Junk Mail folder, too. It's beta software, so I know it won't be perfect. But it should be better than this. I don't want to go back to cruddy old Outlook Express, and I don't care for most of the other mail programs available. So I hope Microsoft hurry up and complete their beta testing, and release a finished version of Live Mail Desktop soon.

My mail program isn't the only thing that's gone psycho on me. My cat, Leo, has turned into an evil, psychotic pitbull cat yet again. He keeps biting me. I've not provoked him in any way, and he's a very well-treated animal. Yet the little bastard keeps sneaking up on me, and sinking his teeth in as far as they'll go. Believe me, he has huge teeth, not to mention an extra fang alongside one of his upper fangs.

Although this will sound funny - it wasn't. He followed me into the bathroom a few nights ago. When I was on the loo, he climbed on to the bath, and sat next to me, seemingly being a nice boy. But there was something sneaky and creepy about him, so my suspicions were roused. I was about to shoo him away, because he started getting a hard, spiteful look to his eyes, a look I know of old. The next thing I knew, he sank his teeth into my right side, just above my hip. Luckily, it was an unseasonably cold night, and I was wearing a fleece top, which took most of the impact of his teeth. It still hurt, though. I was doing absolutely nothing to him. I was so mad, I shoved him into the bath and then chased him outdoors.

Last night, he was being an absolute pest, demanding food non-stop, and wanting to be let in and out every five minutes. So when he arrived home yet again, making demands, I ignored him, as I was trying to watch the end of a TV show on cable. He flopped down on the floor by my feet and went to sleep, so I thought, thank fudge for that, a bit of peace. A couple of minutes later, my foot was caught in a vice-like grip. Luckily, I was wearing slippers, because the little sod was clamping his jaws down on my poor foot with all his might. He still managed to pierce the slipper and break the skin of my foot. And to make matters even worse, I simply couldn't get him to let go. He kept biting harder and harder, and using his body weight to hold my foot down. I dread to think what the consequences would have been, had I been barefoot. I'm pretty sure hospital treatment would have been needed.

I've had cats since I was 10, so we're talking a good thirty years of observing cat behaviour. I know aggressive play when I see it. But Leo's behaviour is not play. I don't know what it is. It just seems like pure malice and viciousness to me. The only way I could get him off me in the end, was to belt him with a cushion and scream at him very loudly. I hate having to whack him, even with a soft cushion. But I can't risk him seriously injuring me either. I'm in a real dilemma about what to do. He's still a young, strong, healthy cat, but I'm sadly reaching the conclusion that he may have to be put to sleep.

Although he's good for weeks at a time, when he lapses into this freakish and dangerous behaviour, he honestly scares me. I want to relax at home, not constantly be watching out for violent attacks. If a man tried treating me like this, I'd kick his arse out of the house, get a restraining order and have him prosecuted. The little git attacked me like this when I was asleep, a few months ago. I was alone in the house at the time, and woke up in pitch blackness, convinced someone had broken in, and had taken hold of me. It was only when I felt teeth and claws that I realised exactly who was wrapped around my leg. I was left quite badly shredded after that incident. I don't want to have him euthanised, but I can't, in good conscience, rehome him or ask an animal charity to do so. Imagine if he was adopted by someone with young kids? Or someone who didn't have the strength to fight him off?

I really don't know what to do for the best. If he was like it all the time, I wouldn't hesitate - he'd have to go. He only goes psycho on me once every few months, but when it happens, it really is horrendous. I don't know when he'll come out of this hateful phase. Sadly, until then, I'll have to keep him outdoors as much as possible, and only let him in for his food, or if the weather's really bad. When he's indoors, I'm keeping a closed door between me and him. I've also totally ignored him since he struck last night. I just wish I knew why, then maybe I could do something to prevent it, or modify his behaviour. Maybe he simply has a mean streak and nothing can be done.


Anonymous said...

No, it's not funny, Sian.
We had a dog go the same way but at least he was senile.
We understand your dilemma. Is there anywhere outside he could be sheltered - where you could leave food and a basket.
Our two have a shed with a catflap and their own baskets.
Hope things improve.

Siani said...

I live in a flat, so I don't have any outhouses. I guess a suitable solution could be a large dog kennel fitted with a cat flap, which could be placed on the patio. But knowing him, he's so contrary, he'd refuse to use it.