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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Missing link

No, this isn't a post about an ex-boyfriend, although there are a few Neanderthals hidden in my history, somewhere. It seems the TV Links website has been knocked offline, so the URL I posted for it a couple of days ago, no longer works. I've no idea if it's just a temporary server issue, or if they've been knocked offline as a result of legal action/copyright issues. Shame, either way. I don't see why anyone could object to the screening of TV shows online. After all, these are shows that have mainly been aired on free-to-view channels, and it's not as if anyone is making an illegal profit from the online screenings, or depriving the TV channels of any money. I understand the objections to illegal music downloads, because people lose money as a result. But as I said, it's not as if anyone's losing out with the TV shows. Oh well, back to - if it's still there - for the rest of those Law and Order: SVU episodes.

BTW, there are a few other sites where you can watch TV shows online or find links to content:

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