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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Too much history

I'm trying to pick a theme for the next article on my A History of Swansea blog. It's not a dearth of material that's causing me problems, but a wealth of it. Also, I can't decide whether to start a separate history blog for Gower, or make A History of Swansea into A History of Swansea and Gower. I have no idea whether anyone has visited the blog since I started it. So I'm also haunted by the idea that I could be working away on historical research and article-writing for no purpose, i.e. with no audience whatsoever. I think I'll make it a combined history of Swansea and Gower. Seems a bit pointless having two separate blogs.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up the history. The 'French attack' was particularly interesting - I worked in the Institution as a 'librarian' in one of Tebbit's 'on your bike' scams. We were bombed out in the blitz so there is a connection there. My father was in Ben Evans on fire watch the night before the heart of Swansea burned.
An incendary bomb landed in my bedroom - fortunately I was under the stairs.
I covered the episode in a blog but probs have meant it is no longer available. I am at
I know what blind blogging feels like but matrix stats can be very encouraging.

Siani said...

Thanks for the comment, Cennad - I was convinced that no-one was reading the history blog.

The Pig's Lip said...

Its a good project Sian - try and get as many people to link to it as possible. My Swansea Vale blog gets between one and two hits a day but I am going to keep it going because I enjoy it. In time you will find many people visiting the site but keep on working on the project.
btw - I think its a good idea linking Swansea and Gower.

Siani said...

Thanks for your encouraging words, Chris. I often get disheartened with blogging, due to the lack of feedback. When I have more articles, I might try submitting the best ones to a history blog carnival, as well as trying to get other local history sites, not necessarily in Swansea, to link to me. Thanks for the advice.