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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The late, great Noddy

One of the most bittersweet aspects of the CD of images I recently rediscovered, was coming across pics of this lovely old guy, Noddy. He wasn't the most handsome cat in the world, and he certainly wasn't the most intelligent. But he was a lovely, placid, daft old thing, who loved everyone.

Silly as it sounds, when he was a little kitten, he kind of looked like Noddy, all round-eyed and dozy-looking - hence the name.

Sadly, his kidneys failed suddenly, just weeks short of his fourteenth birthday, and he had to be put to sleep, in November 2002. Haven't really been able to look at these pics until now.

RIP Nod, you big, daft, lazy, ever-munching old Holstein-Friesian cow in miniature.


jams o donnell said...

I didnt have a digital camera when dear old Oscar was alive. We were looking at photos of him a little while back and raised a smile at an old gent who died in 2002 as well.

Siani said...

Yes, I remember old blue-fur Oscar - wasn't it kidney failure for him, too?