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Friday, May 18, 2007

Jaspal Marsh murder

I'm utterly shocked and dismayed this evening, at the inadequate sentences handed out to the killers of Jaspal Marsh. Her husband, Stephen Marsh, received eighteen years, for masterminding one of the most callous and cowardly crimes I've ever come across. His mistress, Rebecca Harris, received just twelve years, for viciously ending the life of a completely innocent woman. What the hell is wrong with this country?

That pair of revolting, twisted, callous, vicious perverts should NEVER see the light of day again. They don't deserve to. They have put Mrs. Marsh's family through a hell no-one should ever have to experience. They have also no doubt hurt their own relatives. Their crime is one of the most disgusting I've ever heard of in this locality.

I feel so, so sad for Jaspal Marsh's family. They have needlessly and cruelly lost their loved one, and seen only a poor imitation of justice served. It makes me ashamed to be British and ashamed to hold a law degree. The sentence handed out to those two vile individuals, makes an absolute mockery of British justice, a system I once believed in so utterly. I hope their sentences are reviewed and increased to life meaning life. The thought of coming face to face with Rebecca Harris in the street, within twelve years or less, makes my blood run cold.


Gringo said...

Thank you so much for your blog. I am Jaspal's brother and am so glad other people feel the same way about the sentencing as we all do!!!

Siani said...

Gringo, many thanks for stopping by. You and your family have so much support locally, as I'm sure you're aware. The whole community is shocked, saddened and aghast at Jaspal's death, a lady I sadly never had the honour of knowing. Everyone I know locally, is furious and appalled at such lenient minimum sentences. I hope the Attorney General will use his powers to amend such a travesty.

Once again, Gringo, thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. My best regards to you and your family - take care.