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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Claws, spines and blossoms

I'm absolutely delighted to see the sun back out again. I hope it stays for a few days, so I can get out and about with my camera. I'm expecting a delivery from Asda between six and eight this evening - it's so nice to not have to worry about lugging shopping home. I'd started to find it so hard to carry goods home, that the weekly grocery shop seemed to take all my time. Ever tried lugging a huge back of cat litter home on the bus, whilst suffering from arthritis? Absolute agony.

I've been taking some pics around the house lately, for some unknown reason. Here are a couple of my cat, Liberty. I'm glad she had the sense to stay away from that big, scary cactus.

I have about fourteen cacti altogether, of various sizes. Some of them have vicious spines, the others have spines more like soft bristles. Every one I've bought is allegedly a flowering cactus. I say allegedly, as I've not seen a single flower on any of them so far - until now.

It amazes me that something as spiky and vicious as this particular cactus, could produce these delicate, creamy-yellow flowers.

On the subject of flowers, I was well chuffed with this bunch of fresh flowers I bought in Morrisons for £1.49. They really brighten up my newly-painted kitchen, and have been going strong for five days, so far, with no sign of any wilting.

Pretty pleased with myself as I actually braved climbing on to the second rung of my step ladder this morning, to remove the vile, grubby old light shades in the kitchen, and replace them with lovely, sparkling new ones. It was a terrifying experience, given my balance problems - but I did it.

Hopefully I'll have some new pics for you soon. I keep planning to go further afield than Gower, but cash is tight at the moment, as I'm trying to tart the flat up a bit. We'll see...

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