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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Asda home delivery

I can't recommend Asda's home delivery service enough. It's cheap and reliable, and they provide excellent service. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the delivery charge is only £3.75 - much less than Tesco. Yesterday, a few of the items I'd ordered were unavailable, so they sent substitutes. Asda has a 'price match' policy on any substitutes sent with your order. If the substitute they send is more expensive, you only pay the original price. For example, I'd ordered 3 bottles of Asda diet cola, costing 43p each. What I received was three bottles of Diet Coke. Although Diet Coke is £1.45 a bottle, I only paid 43p per bottle. Whenever Tesco sent me more expensive substitutes, I got charged the full whack.

So give Asda a try, if you like to get your grocery shopping delivered. And check out their special offers section. They do some cracking deals. Had I ordered last night's shopping from Tesco, it would have cost me £73.68, including delivery. With Asda, my order, including delivery, came to £58.31. Can't fault that.

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