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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

British Gas hell again

Regular readers may remember the saga I had with British Gas from November 2006-January 2007. They kept cancelling my regular payment plan for no valid reason, not crediting payments made to my account, and then sending me disconnection notices. Well, I truly believed I had solved the problem by switching to Swalec for my gas supply.

Since January 29th, 2007, I have been making regular weekly payments to Swalec. I have a gas account with Swalec. I can even view my gas account online on the Swalec website. Well, this morning, I received a disconnection notice from British Gas, and thought, WTF? So after four calls to Swalec, who were convinced they were my gas supplier, and three hours of failed attempts to get through to British Gas, I finally got some sense. I contacted the National Grid, and they informed me that my gas supplier is still British Gas. Further investigation uncovered that Swalec had been supplied with an incorrect meter serial number for my address.

When I finally managed to get through to British Gas, on their customer care line, they denied they were responsible for supplying Swalec with an incorrect meter serial number. I think they're big, fat liars. The woman I spoke to was an utter cow, and incredibly stupid as well. 'Look, love, I don't care whose fault it is. I'm now facing disconnection, as I've been paying the wrong supplier for three months, through no fault of my own. If I get disconnected, I have no way of finding the £235 connection fee. So you need to help me, and help me fast, as none of this mess is of my doing'.

So the silly bitch finally quit arguing, and put me through to a helpful guy in their debt department. I'm now back on a bloody weekly payment scheme with British Bastard Gas. But hopefully, I will be properly set up with Swalec soon. They must think I'm a raving loon at British Gas. Whenever I have to speak to anyone at their call centre, I start screaming, swearing, ranting and raving like something possessed. But I WILL get away from those bastards, if it's the last thing I ever do.


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Jeremy said...

When I moved to Swansea, one of the first things I did was switch to Manweb for gas and electricity. After a short while, I found my elcetricity account had been switched back to British Gas, which I had done nothing to initiate. I tried to sort it out, but it was such a hassle that I soon gave up. I also had trouble with BG at my previous property: they were trying to take me to court for non-payment of a bill which I did not even owe. Of course, it was resolved in my favour. These bums must have affected a great many people`s health adversely with the stress they have caused. I am now with Swalec for gas and electricty, and have no problems.
You`re right: avoid BG like the plague!