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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snot funny

Managed to get out and about briefly yesterday. I didn't really have much choice, as I needed essentials such as loo roll, cat food and paracetamol. Tesco was a nightmare, absolutely heaving. Why can't students simply walk into a supermarket, grab what they want and go? Instead, they meander in, with all the time in the world, in huge groups, and get right under everyone's feet. Ask them to move, and it's a full minute before they comprehend, offer a lame 'sorry' and finally shift their arses out of the way.

Another not so endearing student practice in supermarkets, is the one whereby they hold a major house meeting right in the middle of the busiest aisles, to discuss the merits of each potential purchase, and to plan their menu for the week ahead. That's when they're not dithering and weaving around, deafened by their iPods, with their eyes glued to the screens of their phones, as they key in text messages, oblivious to the nuisance they're causing to those of us in the real world. Remind me never to shop in Tesco on a late Monday afternoon or early evening ever again. It's like an army assault course in there, with students used as obstacles.

I finally left Tesco several pounds lighter - in the purse department, that is. I'm entitled to free prescriptions. But GPs won't usually prescribe anything to alleviate cold symptoms, unless the patient is elderly, and/or has heart or respiratory problems. So after buying paracetamol, tissues, throat sweets, cough sweets, Vicks Vaporub, effervescent vitamin C tablets, Olbas oil and an Olbas inhaler, I had very little change left from a tenner. So after that, it was home to bed, where I've been ever since, apart from trips to the kitchen or bathroom. I thought I was getting over the cold, but today, the wheezing is even worse, and I now have a tummy upset, as well. But never mind, February's almost gone, March is nearly here, and it's less than a month now until they adjust the clocks again. Wahey! More daylight, more trips out. I can't wait.

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The Pig's Lip said...

Get well soon - and here's to the end of winter and the start of spring.