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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mystery shipwreck surfaces on Gower

This BBC News article tells of how a mysterious shipwreck has emerged at Llangennith beach. I'm intrigued, as no-one seems sure which ship it is. I'm hoping to get down there soon, to try to find and photograph it, weather and health allowing. Apart from a possible dry-ish day on Thursday, it doesn't look too hopeful, especially considering tomorrow's original forecast has switched from sunny intervals to heavy rain. So I probably won't make it down there until next week at the earliest, as Thursday is already earmarked for something else.

Does anyone know how much of a walk it is from Llangennith village to the beach? I've only ever visited Llangennith beach by walking over from Rhossili. Depending on the distances involved, it may be easier for me to approach the wreck from Llangennith, and then walk across to Rhossili to get a bus home, as Rhossili has a more frequent service. That's if I can cope with that godawful hike up from the beach. Also, how isolated is the walk from Llangennith to Hillend? Don't really like walking in isolated areas alone. I guess I could check it out on Google Earth.


The Pig's Lip said...

That wreck sounds intriguing - wish I could find the time to visit.
Its quite a walk down to the beach from the village and a further hefty walk towards Burry Holmes (depending on the exact location where the wreck is of course)-- it is a beautiful place though if you feel up to the walk.

jams o donnell said...

I shudder to think how many shipwrecks there are aound our coast. It wouldn't surprise me if a fair few are not identified. I must admit if I was over near Gower I would want to take a look.