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Friday, January 19, 2007

Relentless wind

No, I haven't been at the chickpea and cauliflower curry again. I'm so utterly sick of the vile weather we've had over the last three months or so. This winter seems to have been here forever. Okay, so it's not been especially cold to date. But the gales have been relentless. Although it calmed down a little today, I can hear the wind starting to pick up again, so it looks like we have another bad night in store.

I got caught out in yesterday's hideous winds. I had no choice. There was food shopping to do, plus the cat needed her monthly jab at the PDSA. I stood at the corner of our road, waiting for a bus, when I heard a loud creaking. A tree in a raised garden just above me, was swaying precariously. Never mind, I thought, I'll nip around the corner and hide behind the wall. I should be safe if the tree comes down. I realised the fallacy of that, when a huge crack in the wall suddenly grew by about fifteen inches. If the tree was going, its roots would take the wall with it. So I had to cross the road, far away from both, until the bus appeared at the top of the hill, before risking crossing back.

The poor cat howled most of the way to the PDSA and back, as she was terrified of the gusts. I wrapped a bin bag around the cage to keep most of it off her, but it was still blowing in through the front. I'm glad to say she didn't pee herself this time, as she often does on the bus. I usually take spare bedding for her, which I change when the vet's examining her, but I forgot it yesterday. There's nothing more embarrassing than being on a bus with a cat who stinks of wee.

The BBC five day weather forecast is promising sunny days for Monday and Tuesday. Looking outside at the moment, that's hard to believe. Thanks to fog and rain, Swansea Bay and the city centre have disappeared. I can see no further than the rooftops across the road. Ugh! I don't care if I can barely crawl on Monday - if the sun's shining, I'm hopping on the first Gower Explorer bus I see.

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jams o donnell said...

It was pretty miserable yesterday. I didn't get home until nearly 9pm. My cats have a wonderful range of plaintive howls when on the way to the vet. Even though it is a 10 min walk I find it is better to take them in the car.

Although Robyn, being a big lad, can (and has done it) breakn out of one of our carriers it is Mimi who is the worst at the vets. She may be small and disabled but she is tubborn as hell and can struggle like a demon!

Also when she is stressed she will pee on you (as she has done to me and more than one vet). To my embarrassment she crapped on one poor vet who tried to pill her.

Ah cats! who would be without them?