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Saturday, January 27, 2007

No pics for a while

I'll be phoning DHL on Monday, to collect my cracked laptop. Despite worries about Esplex's reputation, I have to risk getting it repaired. Otherwise, the screen will eventually detach from the rest of the computer. With a bit of luck, the location of the cracks will mean a whole new screen is needed - mine has developed a couple of tiny white spots. Anyway, depending on when DHL pick the thing up, there will probably be no new pics on this blog until it's returned. My desktop PC only has two USB connections, and they will both be in use when the cable modem is hooked up. Also, my broadband will be running at a snail's pace, as the desktop PC has no ethernet card. I really can't be bothered to return to dial-up upload speeds - yuck.

1 comment:

Jim said...

Hi Sian,

Was a little muddy on the narrow paths but is far drier than last week. If it stays dry you will be OK on most of the wider paths and the short grass paths. We use walking / hiking sticks and they help a lot.

Glad you enjoy the photos - where are you living?

PS Did not have an email address to reply to you direct