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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, my laptop repair is off to a fine start. The poxy courier did a no-show. I rang DHL's main call centre, and was given the number of the local depot, at Capel Hendre, near Ammanford. A very nice lady chased it up for me, and it seems they have an unreliable new driver, who has failed to pick up numerous packages. Apparently he's on the verge of getting the sack. Which is neither here nor there for me, as I've wasted a whole day at home, waiting pointlessly for a courier. My only consolation is that it's been a drab day, weather-wise. Had the sun been shining, I'd have been spitting fire down the phone at DHL. Let's hope they show up tomorrow, or I shall be hijacking a friend to drive me to Capel Hendre. I lived in that neighbourhood for a while when I was a kid [unfortunately], so I know exactly how to get there.

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