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Friday, December 08, 2006

Tornadoes on the way

I'm horrified to hear that Wales is in serious danger of being blasted by tornadoes over the next couple of weeks. The south-west of the country, the coast especially, is especially vulnerable. You can read more here and here.

It's all very well for the press to publicise these things. What no-one's telling us is how to survive the wretched things. I've done a little research of my own, and the advice from American governmental bodies is to get to the lowest part of your house, away from doors and windows. Get into a small space, too, if possible, e.g. a built in cupboard [NOT a freestanding wardrobe or some such thing], or a basement. If none of these is available, get into a corner somewhere, and shield yourself with a mattress, or similar cushioning.

I'm absolutely cacking myself. I've watched countless documentaries about twisters, and was fascinated. I'm not so fascinated, now I'm in the line of fire myself. For those still in denial about global warning - wake up. I've never known Britain to be issued with tornado warnings. We also have daffodils blooming in December. None of this looks good for future generations.


Jeremy said...

All that hot air coming from Welshies` mouths is the major cause of global warming.

Siani said...

So you've met the women in my family, then? God forbid, Christmas is coming. They'll all be seeking me out to talk about cleaning, baking and knitting. I'm going into hiding ...