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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gower Explorer officially UK's best bus service

The Gower Explorer bus service has just won a major public service award, fighting off competition from the rest of the UK. When I recall the shambolic and unreliable service First Cymru ran on the Peninsula, until a little over two years ago, I'm amazed at the turnaround.

I used to be driven utterly scatty by dirty buses that broke down several times a week, buses that arrived fifty minutes late, or simply didn't turn up at all. Despite my initial misgivings when Pullman Coaches took over the route, I now find their service to be a massive improvement over First Cymru's. I've yet to travel on a dirty Pullman's bus, or a Pullman's bus that broke down. I find their timekeeping to be pretty spot-on even in the summer, when Gower's roads are clogged with traffic, cyclists, runaway cows, etc.

Anyway, I've wittered on enough now. You can read about the award in The Guardian or on the BBC Wales news site.

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