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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Swansea skies look ominous today

I opened the curtains about half an hour ago, to a rather ominous looking sunrise.

I was hoping this series of shots would show the gradual progression of the sun rising over the horizon. But they all look the damn same to me, except that weird, dark one that appeared in the middle. Does anyone know the name of the island in the next shot? It looked spectacular in the eerie, morning light, but alas, my camera failed to emphasise it. I've blown part of the image up in the second of the following two shots, with an arrow pointing to the mystery island. The only likely candidate I can see on my map, is Tusker Rock.

I wish I'd caught this sunrise earlier. It was over all too soon.

Never mind, there's always tomorrow ...


Tim said...


Because of the angle from Swansea you took the photograph, and the clear, early low sunlight, you have photographed the North Devon coastline, looking a little bit to the East of Lynton ( due south of Swansea ), where the cliffs are steep and give the impression of an island. Tusker Rock, off Porthcawl would be much further to the left (East) in your photo, and is much lower, and from your 'pad' in those conditions would not be easily visible.

Cheers, Tim, Mariner&Photographer.

Siani said...

Many thanks, Tim - I've been puzzled by that "island" for years.