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Friday, December 15, 2006

Plans to revamp Oystermouth Castle

The council plans to bid for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to stabilise Oystermouth Castle and make it accessible to visitors once more. I'm pleased to hear this, as I used to enjoy a wander around the castle, before it became too dangerous. You can read the full story here. If you're interested in the castle, and have a few moments to spare, why not complete the council's online survey, which allows you to have your say about the castle's future?


The Pig's Lip said...

I do not really like this idea and have never been fond of renovating ancient monuments. It comes to a point where you really do not know what is genuine and what isn't anymore. Putting a few stones back in place is OK but anything else I feel is a step too far.

Siani said...

I know what you mean, Chris. I'm hoping they'll simply stabilise the structure and make it accessible once more. Some strategically placed information leaflets might be nice, too. Kidwelly Castle is a prime example of what can be done with a historic monument, without destroying its authenticity.

DDWT said...

Hi Siani - just to let you know the link to the online survey is broken :-)

Siani said...

Thanks for that, DDWT. I used the Blogger link thing instead of coding the link myself, and somehow ended up with an extra "http://" in there. All fixed now!