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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hole in the wall

Well, I've had a fun weekend. I made three new friends, two fat slugs and a mouse which found their way in through a hole left in the bathroom wall by the contractors who were here the other day. There's a hole about three inches by three, to accommodate a tiny twenty two millimetre pipe. So the slugs and mouse thought 'wahey! party in the bathroom, boys'.

The slugs I can live with. The mouse got chased back out by the cats. How a mouse got in through a hole fifteen feet up in the air is a mystery to me, unless the little bugger climbed the pebble dash outside. Worse than any wildlife, is the mini wind tunnel we now have in the bathroom. Oh, and did I mention that less than 50% of the radiators now work, whereas they all worked previously? Ugh! There's a manager from Swansea Housing Association due here this morning. I hope he doesn't mind leaving with his ears bleeding.

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