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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tesco health hazard

I was in the Swansea Marina branch of Tesco on Thursday, and could barely believe my eyes as I wandered along the biscuit aisle. Alas, I hadn't discovered a new line in calorie-free choc chip cookies. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, when I saw a sparrow fluttering across from the cereal shelf, and landing on the top shelf of the biscuit aisle. I love sparrows, but they're wild birds, and have no place inside a supermarket, where food is on display. They have even less place walking across packs of biscuits and cookies, with feet that may have crossed paths with vermin.

As I wondered along, I noticed a couple more sparrows overhead, flitting from one suspended aisle sign to another, using them as perches. Then my irritation turned to disgust when I saw that the overhead signs were streaked with sparrow droppings. This cannot be good for the health of shoppers or supermarket employees. I've often seen sparrows fluttering amongst the rafters in that store, but Thursday was the first time I've actually seen them flitting around groceries and the people shopping for them.

I think it's time Tesco took some preventative steps to stop the birds getting into their store. The permanently open entrance may be convenient, but at what price? I'd sooner wait for a door to open than have wild birds overhead, raining their excrement down on me and my potential purchases.

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