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Friday, November 10, 2006

I froze silly at Rhossili

I awoke today to an ominous, overcast sky. A glance out of my living room window showed a sea the colour of cold mercury. Nevertheless, I headed for Rhossili, wrapped up warmer than a newborn Inuit. But I froze when I got there.

I strode briskly towards a very bleak-looking Worm, wishing I'd stayed at home. Who would believe these two pics were taken on the exact same spot? The first one was taken today, the second a couple of summers ago.

As I aimed my lens atthe Worm, I heard an eerie, haunting sound, like the howl of a lost soul in the distance. It emanated from the direction of the Worm itself. I guessed it was the frigid Atlantic wind howling through the Worm's blowhole.

Despite the bleakness of the day, and the sudden leap from autumn to winter, nature still had some beauty to display, even in her starkest form. I spotted these attractive-looking dried seed heads nodding in the breeze.

Normally, I'd sit overlooking the Worm for a while, but it was just too cold today. After a cursory glance at one of my favourite views, I strode back towards the village. The wind was little more than a stiff breeze. Yet it sliced straight through my clothes with its icy, probing fingers.

These sheep must have little trouble keeping warm, with their fleece. I bet they'll be glad when they get their full winter coats.

You can't really see it in the following pic, but this little flock galloped towards me at great speed, looking desperately harrassed. I half-expected to see the Devil pursuing them, a carving knife in one hand, and a squeezy bottle of mint sauce in the other. The source of their distress? The rest of the flock had moved to the next field. I guess that's where the saying "sheep-like mentality" comes from.

To my horror, as I headed up the road, past the Worm's Head Hotel, I spotted the 14.12 bus already at the bus stop. I sped up, fearing it was about to leave without me. I couldn't have stood another hour of that cold. When I finally reached the bus, I was huffing and puffing enough to blow the damn thing over.

I was glad to get home and snuggle up under my faux fur throw, with incense and scented candles burning. It was pitch-black outside long before 17.00 today, thanks to the incoming rainstorm. It wasn't my first froze-silly and Rhossili day - and I doubt it will be the last.

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